Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Bloody Beetroots - "Domino (Spares of Romborama) Pt. 2 - EP"

Yes The Bloody Beetroots are back with their new EP "Domino (Spares of Romborama) Pt. 2 - EP". First cab off the rank is "Domino". My oh my this is a wonderful track, Sir Bob Rifo has returned with the classic Bloody Beetroots sound that made me fall in love with them for the first time. With a soothing and melodic intro, then at 1:45 the beat and kick drum drop and all hell brakes loose but still managing to keep that classic Bloody Beetroots sound. This track would get the crowd going nuts if you were to see The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 Live. With the chaos and thumping kick drum that "Domino" brings "31 Seconds to Die" does the complete opposite. Although still keeping a nice kick drum, the track takes on a slow pace thats very similar to "Second Streets Have No Name" but with very little lyrics. After listening to this EP its definitely got me to reconsider to going to Creamfields here in Perth.

The EP is out exclusively on iTunes but its yet to be added to the Australian iTunes store :(

The Bloody Beetroots "Domino (Spares of Romborama) Pt. 2 - EP"


1. DOMINO (Radio Edit)
2. Domino
3. 31 Seconds To Die
4. Anarchist Division Southern England

5. Final Credits


31 Seconds To Die by The Bloody Beetroots  
Download now or listen on posterous
03 31 Seconds to Die.mp3 (9631 KB)

Download now or listen on posterous
02 Domino.mp3 (9790 KB)

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