Monday, March 22, 2010

Jamaica - "I Think i Like U2"

Jamaica formally known as Poney Poney are a band from Paris. Ive been listening and keeping a close eye on this band for the past year. They are currently working on their debut album with Xavier De Rosnay (1/2 Justice) producing. The track "I Think i Like U2" is heavily influenced by Xavier De Rosnay and has that rather familiar Justice sound.  The following video is directed by my favourite designer So_Me and Thomas Jumin and uses some incredible video techniques. Its a fake documentary of the band but it also gives a little insight of the band members Antoine & Flo. I think these guys will become the next Phoenix. I threw in one of their earlier tracks "Cross the Fader" as a bonus and its easily one of my favourite tracks from last year.

Cross The Fader by Poney Poney  
Download now or listen on posterous
Cross the Fader.mp3 (4699 KB)

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