Friday, April 2, 2010

Strangers In Stereo

When it comes to music blogging its difficult to keep up with the amount of new content that is coming out everyday."Strangers in Stereo" was formed to make the everyday music fans life a little simpler, when trying to keep up with the fast paced world of music blogging.

Strangers in Stereo is home to blogs from New York, Sydney, Munich, London, Vienna, Bahrain and thats just naming a few. With such a wide selection of music genres, demographics and cultures this network has pretty much everything covered. Selecting blog posts form each affiliated blog, the network will cover new tracks, shows and general music news.

In the future the Strangers of Stereo network will move into promoting independent music and putting on events across the world. 

Keep your eyes and ears peeled on this network!

Im honestly excited on what this network will bring. I follow all these blogs and the incredible amount of quality content that comes from these blogs is staggering.

Makes sure you bookmark Strangers in Stereo 

The Strangers:

Cream Team (Chicago, IL)
Disco Demons (Vienna, Austria)
Discopunk (Curitiba, Brazil)
First Up (Stockholm, Sweden)
Forward Music (Munich, Germany)
Hard Candy Music (New York, NY)
Muumuse (Boston, MA)
Ohh! Crapp (Bahrain)
Pigeons And Planes (New York, NY)
Pretty Much Amazing (L.A., CA)
Sheena Beaston (New York, NY)
Stoney Roads (Sydney, Australia)
Tastes Like Caramel (New York, NY)
The Culture Of Me (New York, NY)
The Music Ninja (Orlando, FL)
The (New York, NY)
Too Many Sebastians (London, UK)
Tympanogram (Rochester, NY)
Vinyl & Vodka (Edmonton, Canada)
Yours Truly (San Francisco, CA)

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